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    Oslo Star Tieback

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    Create a dreamy aesthetic with the Oslo Star Tiebacks


    ⭒ The Oslo Star Tieback is a hook that magnetically clasps around & through curtains.

    ⭒ It secures blackout & net curtains as well as decorative drapes without any drill or glue damage to your walls or annoying dangling cords.

    Oslo Star Magnetic Clip -Gold Star Curtain Tieback


    ‚≠í The 2¬ľ inch Oslo Star Tieback¬†adds modern elegance to drapes. Available in rustproof gold, silver and rose gold alloys.

    ⭒ Paired with the Oslo Star Curtain you may add an ethereal, starry fantasy to pink and gold curtains for imaginative interior bedroom inspiration.

    ⭒ The twinkle twinkle little star nursery rhyme works best in nurseries with stars - don't you think?


    ⭒ Easy adjustment of tieback positions for more living room light.

    ⭒ Quick release to darken rooms for a movie day or good sleep afternoon naps.

    ‚≠í No installation required! Simply wrap the 16‚Äźinch¬†holdback around your curtains and the magnets connect behind the Oslo Star Tieback.

    ⭒ Stays clipped on as a starry curtain holdback accessory, even on closed drapes. No more looking for cords the dog ran off with!

    Oslo Star Magnetic Clip - curtain tie back tutorial


    Complete the Dream Theme with the Oslo Star Curtain & the Oslo Star Canopy!!

    Oslo star curtain


    Elegant star decoration:
     Choose from 3 colors.
    Magnetic suction: Easily clasp on your curtain.
    Exudes natural light: Truly decorates the room.
    No installation: Simple and easy to use.

    Oslo star curtain


    Material: Magnet, Nickel Alloy, Polyester 
    Color Styles: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
    Size: 2¬ľ inch / 6cm Star
    Length: 16 inch / 40cm Cord
    Includes the star tieback only - no curtain included.

    Oslo star curtain


    What do I use it for?

    The Oslo Star Tieback is a star-shaped curtain hook that magnetically clasps around & through curtains. It secures blackout and net curtains as well as decorative drapes without causing drill or glue damage to your walls. It also allows you to say goodbye to annoying dangling cords.

    How do I use it?

    Hold the star-shaped end of the Oslo Star Tieback in one hand. Use the other hand to gently gather your curtain panel in the back of the star. Then pull the free end of the tieback behind and around the curtain. Finally attach the the 2 magnetic parts of the Oslo Star Tieback to each other. (It sounds way more difficult than it is!)

    How high should I place the star?

    Generally, curtain tiebacks look best when placed about one-third of the way either from the top or from the bottom of the curtain. The  Oslo Star Tiebacks are both functional and decorative elements of a window treatment.

    Should I place it at an angle?

    There is no hard and fast rule on this, but generally many people position their curtain hold backs straight. If you prefer an angled look and find the magnetic stars still work practically then you can absolutely choose to do this.

    Oslo star curtain


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