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    At Pink Gold Design we cater girly things for every kind of pink lover, and pink lover-lovers too. Some of these go so well together that we've made entire collections, based on a matching pink visual & complementary functions. These gems are super cute symbols of what it means to be part of Pink Gold Design.


    I am in love with the low poly design of this gorgeous Boston Bunny alarm clock. It literally looks like an ornament until you turn it on. Alarm works like a charm.

    I got this for my wife as a gift for Mother's Day. She absolutely loves everything about it! It's definitely her go to mug The Quebec Queen Mug is a quality mug. The lid is also great too.

    Delightful curtains! They're hard to iron, so I used a steamer and this worked perfectly. They look amazing. The light only gets through in the stars and creates a magical look. These are a definite NEED for every girl's room!!

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