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What makes pink and gold this glamorous? The queens of the castle & the boss ladies extraordinaire alike love these items in the places they reign the fiercest. We've curated a list of lovely items ranging from the cutest humidifiers to blackout curtains and pink artsy wallpapers.

Welcome to Pink Gold Design's collection for the Home

Oslo star curtain - home & office - Nursery Curtains mothercare
Oslo star curtain - home & office

Oslo Star Curtain

$39.99  $64.99

Quebec queen mug - home & office
Quebec queen mug - pink - home & office

Quebec Queen Mug

$37.99  $58.99

Paris couture mugs - pink wedding coffee mug set
Paris couture mugs - home & office

Paris Couture Mugs

$24.50  $44.95

Kayla unicorn hanger - home & office
Kayla unicorn hanger - home & office

Kayla Unicorn Hanger

$24.99  $34.99

Woman with perfect posture dressed in white, in a white room, seated at a white desk, chair & laptop, on a pink Shiloh Seat Cushion
Purple Shiloh Seat Cushion on regular office chair at a minimalist wood finish desk with naked drawer

Shiloh Seat Cushion

$27.99  $89.99

Oslo home humidifier - beauty & wellness
Oslo home humidifier - pink / no - beauty & wellness

Oslo Home Humidifier

$26.99  $60.99

Paris bathroom hooks - home & office
Paris bathroom hooks - 1 - home & office

Paris Wall Hooks

$27.99  $64.99

Coco glam faucet - brass fixture beauty. Main picture shows polished faucet with white ceramic core on beige marble counter with folded white towel and lotion in the corner. 3 smaller images underneath show the mixer lever with large crystal embedded in handle, under side of spout with bubbler/aerator attached, and connector tubes securely attached to base of the Coco Glam Faucet
Coco glam faucet - short white ceramic core with chrome silver tap mounted on beige marble countertop. Background shows beige and white walls open window with white curtains, sunlight falling on pictures mounted on the wall.

Coco Glam Faucet

$64.99  $99.99

Hope hydrangea humidifier - home & office
Hope hydrangea humidifier - home & office

Hope Hydrangea Humidifier

$39.99  $59.99

Paris bathroom set - home & office
Paris bathroom set - turquoise / 5pc - home & office

Paris Bathroom Set

$56.99  $99.99

London luggage organizer - accessories
London luggage organizer - purple princess - accessories

London Luggage Organizer

$22.99  $39.99

Swivel 360°
Swivel 360°

Swivel 360°

$44.99  $89.99

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