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    Oslo Star Curtain

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    Sleep better this year in a Star-lit scene with the Oslo Star Curtains.

    Light can disturb the quality sleep needed during midday & afternoon naps, or at night. Darkness signals that it's time to sleep. From infants to adults, get better rest in 2022 with these pink and gold blackout curtains! One of the best tips for sleeping better is investing in a pair of the Oslo Star Curtains. Fall asleep faster and sleep longer than with natural light glaring in.

    Ugly urban view? Drape the windows to add a starlit night for dreamy decor in a rose-gold bedroom or pink apartment! And when it’s time to sleep, the Oslo Star curtain creates a peacefully dark gold and pink bedroom setting to promote easier napping and a more restful night’s sleep.

    Oslo star curtain

    How to get good quality sleep? Block out the light!
    With 70-90% opacity, the curtains block out light to darken room for bedtime, nap time and daytime sleepers for better sleep and more restful naps. The Oslo Star gives you that beautiful double layered curtain living with just ONE rod instead of two! 

    The Oslo Star curtains may also help to reduce some of the noises that filter through closed windows. With noise reduced, the little one isn’t as likely to be jolted awake by cars driving by, the neighbors yelling or the dogs barking.

    The magic of the Oslo Star Curtain is that the little ones can both sleep and wake up in comfort, day or night, due to the gentle dusk of ambient star light sprinkled throughout a peacefully darkened room. They create the perfect night's scenery for a Princess.

    Oslo star curtain

    Stay cozy longer with Oslo Star Curtains! They don't change room temperature, but the dual fabric layers (blackout +voile) create an additional barrier between cold windows and your room's warmer air. This reduces heat-loss in rooms by 10-25%!

    Oslo star curtain

    Save yourself the toss and turn in temperature changes and save yourself some money. Because the curtains help reduce heat loss through windows, there is less work to do in order to maintain room temp, and that adds up to energy bill savings. 

    The star effect of the Oslo Curtain isn't a print, it is a laser-cut hole in the fabric. They can look outside without revealing themselves or the room, preserving privacy without paying the cost for the view.

    Oslo star curtain

    The Oslo Curtains can also help to protect the appearance of the rest of the room. It wont just hold out heat, but also blocks the UV rays of the sun, which can catalyze the fading of the colors of soft furnishings, paint, and wood. 

    Oslo star curtain
    Oslo Star Curtains are cute, and elegant too. Choose from 4 colors for the nursery, bedroom, living room or den. In true Nordic fashion it's not just easy on the eyes, the Oslo Star Curtain makes a difference you can feel.

    Oslo star curtain



    NOTE: It is advised to order larger pieces of the Oslo Star Curtain for a fuller, more lavish look per window!

    Unsure about which size to get?
    Take a look at our Curtain Purchasing Guide!

    Oslo star curtain

    Oslo star curtain


    The Oslo Star Curtains come in standard lengths. However, we offer customized lengths and shorten the curtains matching your exact needs, free of charge!

    Simply Order your preferred width and add a note in your order or send us an email with your length within 24h after your purchase.

    Oslo star curtain


    EASY INSTALLATION Installation is quick & easy. 

    LASER CUT STARS The laser-cut stars let hints of light in. They're great for nurseries, kid's  rooms and home offices, reducing glare on screens.

    MATERIALS  Blackout Fabric Polyester + Soft White Voile Material

    DOUBLE LAYERED The durable machine-washable blackout polyester (100%) and the voile are stitched together to keep light out.  

    Oslo star curtain

    Oslo star curtain


    1pc = 1 curtain
    1pc = 100% blackout polyester & white voile layer

    Length: Customizable - Up to 1.2" (3cm) size deviation due to hem
    Standard Length - 98.5" (250cm)
    Width: 39.3" to 118" (100-300cm)
    Materials: Blackout Polyester + Voile
    Note: Colors may appear slightly different depending on screen, lighting and other influences.

    Application types: 
    Rods Pockets: Header 0.78-1.18" (2-3cm) / Pocket: 1.96-2.36" (5-6cm)
    Grommets: 5-6 grommets per meter / 1.57" (4cm) Diameter
    Hooks: 4 Pieces of 4 prongs per Meter

     Not Included
    Tassels / Beads / Accessories Not Included

    Oslo star curtain

    Machine washable
    Hang dry or tumble dry
    Low ironing 

    Oslo star curtain


    Oslo star curtain

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