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    Hope Custom Flower Wallpaper

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    Hope springs eternal with this all floral decor! The Hope Custom Wallpaper has the stunning effect of hand-painted floor to ceiling artwork at a fraction of the cost & time that it takes to paint.


    The subtle, pastel hues are ideal for a soothing nursery or bedroom. A stylish backdrop for a home studio or office, add some life and natural color to recordings and virtual meetings. Why not lift the mood of a living room with a pink rose accent wall?


    Get the Hope Custom Wallpaper for entire rooms, accent walls & half wall designs. Available in 4 sizes up to 12ft x 8ft, handle any decorating job with Hope. Choose the standard wood-fiber or canvas options, and even get it self-adhesive if that's your bag.


    Hope, errr, home is where the heart is and the Hope Wallpaper is water-resistant. That means you get a more durable, easier to clean surface that's also resistant to mold!


    Installing it yourself? Be sure to smooth any air pockets out to the edges. Try other projects like drawer and closet linings, stair fronts, bookshelves and mantles! Beautify your home with this pink rose design. Make your ideas blossom & get the Hope Custom Wallpaper today.

    Hope custom wallpaper


    Panel borders have a 2cm overlap for design continuity. Place panels so overlaps align. Cut down the center of the overlap. Remove cut overlying panel piece. Remove cut underlying panel piece. Secure remaining piece for seamless finish.


    125cm*80cm / 4.0ft*2.5ft

    200cm*150cm / 6.5ft*4.9ft

    300cm*200cm /  9.8ft*6.5ft

    366cm*244cm / 12ft*8.0ft

    Allow 1-3cm variance

    For custom sizes & consultation please contact us.

    Hope custom wallpaper


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