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    Hope Hydrangea Humidifier

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    This humidifier is easy on the eyes! Beautiful flowers, fresh air, and the mysterious serenity of twilight; the Hope Hydrangea Humidifier is a 3-in-1 aromatic home accessory. Get this multifunctional decoration piece, diffuser and desk lamp to improve the mood of any room! It is a guaranteed way to increase your comfort levels.

    Hope hydrangea humidifier


    Choose from different floral bunches to add color and a touch of nature to any decor. Why not switch these globes of fresh flower power between rooms as you redecorate? Preserved perpetually in resin, these precious petals will never die or fade and don't require any care as they continue to brighten up your day.

    Hope hydrangea humidifier


    Select the low, high or timed mist setting for the right atmospheric moisturizing, for the right time. Add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil to this 100ml easy-clean, wash & wipe, filter-free fogger for up to 6 hours of relaxing aromatherapy and breathe easy. It's a cool mist and shuts itself off if it runs empty, for your safety.


    Great for an evening mood or nightlight, select the lamp mode, the 7-color mode or set the color glow of your choice with one button. Gently illuminate hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms for the kids, or create the mood for movie/date nights for company. Make any room look better, breathe better, and feel better with the Hope Hydrangea Humidifier today!

    Hope hydrangea humidifier


    Size: 12*12*16.8cm
    Weight: 258g
    Capacity: 100ml, lasting up to 6hrs (with light mist)
    Automatic device shut-off protection
    Mist output: 40ml/h
    Discharge: light or strong continuous mist settings
    Light: LED display (7 adjustable colors)
    Noise: 36dB
    FREE measuring cup included

    Hope hydrangea humidifier

    Unscrew the globe by rotating the upper ball counterclockwise. Fill the container with no more than 100ml tap water and optionally add essential oil. Close the lid clockwise, plug the diffuser in and switch it on.

    Click the mist button once for light mist (button light turns blue). A second click activates a stronger mist (button light turns red). Pressing the mist button longer (at least 2 seconds) activates a 1h timed release with an automatic power off (button light turns green).

    Do not
     use distilled or purified water and do not exceed 100ml.
    After essential oil usage, clean the tank to protect your humidifier.

    Hope hydrangea humidifier



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