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    Ava Portable Humidifier

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    Did you know that low humidity can lead to dry cough, congestion, irritated sinuses, itchy eyes & dry skin? The benefits of humidifier use on the go include helping you cough less, preventing dry sinuses & skin, and even better sleep & easier breathing. Tips for self care? Get a travel humidifier for trips and long commutes!


    The sleek Ava Portable Humidifier transforms any bottle, glass or vase into an instant humidifier! Weighing only 77g, you can carry comfort creation in your pocket, or the palm of your hand.


    Great for travel, it fits in a bottle in a car cup holder, on the table in a train, or in a glass of water next to that hotel bed. Whether you work in a cubicle or live out of a suitcase, you can breathe easier with a personal and very portable humidifier.

    Ava portable humidifier

    Make dry skin from the heat or air-conditioning a thing of the past! Winter or summer, mountain air or tropical heat, it doesn't matter when you can turn any vessel into a cute humidifier! With 2 sizes in 1 and a USB rechargeable battery, get ready for 4-8hrs of moisturizing, unplugged.

    Ava portable humidifierJUST SO CUTE

    Who can resist these beautiful little deer antlers? Add a touch of rose gold luxury to your comfort management. A necessity doesn't have to be drab, and functional can be fab. The Ava Portable Humidifier comes in 3 colors and it can go into almost ANY container, maintaining the fun but classy look you're going for.

    Ava portable humidifier


    White Ava Portable Humidifier - Screwed Tube to Head

    On first use, remove the filter and soak both ends in water for at least 2 minutes.
    Fill container with distilled or purified water. (Leave room for the Ava!)
    Reattach to the humidifier head. Place in bottle or glass.
    Attach USB power cord to supply and AVA Portable.
    Click the nose-button to select continuous 4hr mode (red light) or 8hr intermittent mode (blue light).
    Work or relax in some soothing self care air!

    Operational Instruction Graphic for Ava Portable Humidifier


    Portable: Fits in Most Containers

    Size: 8.4*17.3cm (short tube), 8.4*23.3cm (long tube)

    USB powered (cord included)

    Mist output: 30-45ml/h

    Dual Automatic Safety Shutoff Modes

    Timer: 4 or 8hrs

    Do Not Disturb/Silent Operation

    Noise: 30dB

    Safe to Touch

    Ultrasonic: Generates cool mist

    Ava portable humidifier


    Ava portable humidifier


    Q: How do I clean a humidifier?
    A: Cleaning the Ava Portable Humidifier is easy. Make sure the humidifier is off and unplugged. Unscrew the head & remove filter & tube. Wash and properly dry all components to prevent bacterial and mold growth between uses. Occasional disinfectant by washing with hydrogen peroxide, diluted bleach OR vinegar is also advised.

    Q: What type of water is used for filling the humidifier?
    A: Distilled water is the best for humidifiers, it contains almost zero chemicals & minerals meaning no deposit build up in filters & tank. Tap, boiled & even bottled water contain chemicals, minerals & naturally occurring bacteria.

    Q: Does the Ava Portable Humidifier use batteries?
    A: The Ava Portable uses a USB power source. You can connect it to your laptop or charging port, and it works great with power banks.

    Have you seen her matching big sister for perfect humidity levels at home? Click here for the Ava Home Humidifier.



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