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Ava Home Humidifier

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Did you know that low humidity can lead to dry cough, congestion, irritated sinuses, itchy eyes & dry skin? The benefits of humidifier use at home include helping you cough less, preventing dry sinuses & skin, and even better sleep & easier breathing. Tips for self care? Add some moisture to dry air! 

Transform your home, office (and home-office too!) into a soothing environment with the Ava Home Humidifier.

SOOTHING CAPACITY // This 450ml air moisturizer gives up to 12 hours of intermittent mist, re-hydrating your air and making it easier to breathe on a congested day or night. Its 40ml/h mist discharge is perfect for humidifying rooms up to 300 square feet which approximates to a standard medium sized room.

Girl dressed in pink sitting on chair with computer on lap with humidifier on her side

SILENT AMBIANCE // The quiet discharge and automatic shutoff make sure you can sleep safe all night, comfortably and undisturbed. It also comes with 7 LED colors of your choice for an added ambiance.

Pink Ava Home humidifiers on wooden desk with all led colors displayed

PORTABLE COMFORT // USB charging means you can plug in anywhere, and the power and capacity of the Ava means less breaks for a drink of water for that dry throat...whether you were sleeping, cooking or in a meeting. Breathe easier.

Ava Humidifier with Blue LED light and Gold deer antlers -Kitchen Background

MOISTURIZES AIR CONDITIONED SPACES // Dry air damages wood flooring and furniture, which is costly to replace or repair. Humidifiers can also make you feel warmer in cooler environments, potentially saving money on radiator & heater energy bills.

Ava Home Humidifier - White - Plugged In Bathroom Near Sink

TRIPLE TREAT // The Ava Home Humidifier comes with a USB cooling fan, USB night light and 8 extra filter refills! The fan and light add-ons make this ideal for personal use in any season, in several ways: a thoughtful girly things gift, or to help the big boss lady decompress.

Ava home humidifier
// These lovely deer humidifiers keep the air fresh while serving as beautiful decoration pieces. The cute, sleek design in pink and white, with deer antlers brings pure wellness to any space in your home. Add the adorable Ava to your must have items for baby's nursery.

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Photo Instructions for how to use and refill the Ava Humidifier



Long press the switch (2 seconds) for the night light mode of the Ava, quick press to choose a color, and long press again to switch off. Attach the USB Night Light for a high powered lamp, great for reading in bed or late night studies!

Ava home humidifier


Attach the Cooling Fan to the Ava to either direct the refreshing mist to your face or away from your electronics or food. 

Ava home humidifier

Ava home humidifier

Infographic of Ava Humidifier Main Functions


Q: How big is the Ava Home Humidifier?
A: 4in x 4in x 6in (100*100*165mm) 
For a smaller version of the Ava Home Humidifier click here for the Ava Portable Humidifier.

Q: How do I clean a humidifier?
A: Cleaning the Ava Home Humidifier is easy. Make sure the humidifier is off and unplugged. Unscrew the cover, then wash & rinse the tank with plain water (or a gentle detergent if oils are used). Remove filter, clean and dry tube. Properly dry all components to prevent bacterial and mold growth between uses. Occasional disinfectant by washing with hydrogen peroxide, diluted bleach OR vinegar is also advised.

Q: Can I add essential oils?
A: Yes.
Note: the oil itself should be a water-soluble additive, and used sparingly: a few drops at most. High concentration oils can clog the humidifier filter and prevent proper misting. Properly clean the tank after usage to avoid oil residue buildup which can affect your humidifier’s performance over time due to bacterial growth.

Q: What type of water is used for filling the humidifier?
A: Distilled water is the best for humidifiers, it contains almost zero chemicals & minerals meaning no deposit build up in filters & tank. Tap, boiled & even bottled water contain chemicals, minerals & naturally occurring bacteria.


Materials: ABS/PP/ Silicone

Capacity: 450ml

Constant Mist Time: 4hrs

Intermittent Mist Time: 12hrs
Size: 100*100*165mm

Weight: 175g 



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    Ava Home Humidifier
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