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    Stackpack : Trolley Top Travel Bag

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    The bag holds tons, no issues with the zippers or storage. So convenient that it slides over the suitcase handle for easy transport through airport or parking lot. Doesn't always fold back into it's original rectangle perfectly but still a great bag.

    I travel a lot for work...I wish I had bought it sooner!

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 - Holly A
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    Don't let storage hold you back, carry-on with the StackPack™️

    Nothing ruins the fun of traveling like running out of space for things on a trip. We might need to pack more than we planned, get some awesome gifts, or have a spontaneous adventure. The cost for extra baggage, losing track of something important or moisture ruining your stuff can take your experience from a 10 to a 2 real quick.

    The StackPack™️ is the ultimate versatile travel bag! It can extend OR fold, giving you perfect storage for your necessities AND travel luxuries. Unfold the StackPack™️ and conveniently pack all your journey wants and needs, with room for extras! If you don't need the space, retract the extension, or even fold the entire bag up and toss it in your luggage.  


    HIGH QUALITY // The StackPack™️ is made of a rip-resistant, high density oxford fabric. It's also lightweight, waterproof, splash-proof & durable enough for everyday use. Feel confident about filling the StackPack™️ with all of your necessary items. Enjoy your commute or vacation without any luggage issues.

    FOLDABLE // The Stackpack™️ foldable design allows you to save space as it folds small enough to easily fit into other luggage. Folded, its dimensions are 28 x 18 x 4cm. When the StackPack™️ is unfolded, dimensions are 42 x 28 x 22cm. At full expansion, its dimensions are 42 x 38 x 22cm, an additional square cubic foot of storage! The versatile sizing of the StackPack™️ means you're ready for anything on your journey.

    LARGE CAPACITY // The StackPack's multi zipper pouch system is the essence of its large capacity. The StackPack™️ expands at the bottom zipper, allowing you to create additional space for your essentials. The StackPack™️ has two zipper pockets and two inner patch pockets adding to a capacity that can easily accommodate multiple days of travel.

    WET & DRY POCKET DESIGN // The StackPack's inner pockets are Dry and Wet separation pockets, designed to keep moisture contained! Throw your wet belongings in the water resistant wet inner separation pocket and it'll have no effect on the other dry areas of the bag. No more hunting for bags for wet swimsuits! No more moisture damage to your smartphone, tablets, keys, wallet, makeup or meds!

    PORTABLE & CONVENIENT // You can carry this lightweight bag with you anywhere as it can fold or extend based on your needs. The StackPack™️ has a an external zippered pocket sturdily sewn on the back side that acts as a luggage handle sleeve so that you can conveniently fit the StackPack™️ over your luggage for easier movement. Take the StackPack™️ by hand or shoulder for a sturdy yet easy carry.




    1. Unzip the folded StackPack™️.
    2. Unfold StackPack™️ 
    3. To expand, unzip the bottom zipper at pull its base.
    4. To compress the StackPack™️, fit the expanded section back into the base of the bag and then zip at the base. further compress the bag by folding it into its original rectangular shape. Seal the fold with the zipper.
    5. Toss it into another bag or suitcase


    When it comes to air travel, getting all personal necessities into one bag for your journey can be super stressful. Spreading those items out amongst various bags is not only time consuming & frustrating, but can cost a pretty penny as excess baggage fees are known to range from $50 - $100 per bag.
    With the StackPack™️, you can pack all of your desired girly items for that memorable journey. The Stackpack™️ compressed, meets most air travel requirements, and can expand once you've passed security, if more space is necessary. Comfortably use the StackPack™️ as your go-to carry-on and travel stress free.



    Dimensions: 420 x 280 x 220 mm
    Product Weight: 0.4Kg
    Straps: Webbed Oxford
    Material: Oxford Tear Resistant Fabric
    Colors: Ash, Pink, Mint, Black
    Packaging: 1 Large Capacity Travel Bag 


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