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    Pamela Plush Sleeping Mask

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    Sleep in lights out with the Fay Furry Sleep Mask!

    EYE CARAMBA - Bright light ruins quality sleep. Sun in your eyes, fluorescent travel & office lights, even night signage all spoil slumber. Someone watching TV or reading in bed doesn’t have to stop you from falling asleep anymore! The comfy double-layer Fay Furry Sleep Mask blocks light out so you can sleep in.

    Silk lining - comfortable padding rests gently on your face, giving additional opacity. Plush vegan faux fur - colorful, super soft to touch external layer of blindfold, great for cold weather


    ELASTIC BAND// The Elastic Band lightly secures the Fay Furry Mask without squeezing, even as you turn your head or change position. Full coverage - 8 inches across and almost 4 inches from brow to cheek, your eyes are protected from glare and piercing light.


    THOUGHTFUL GIFT - available in 9 soothing colors, and with an adjustable band, this is a great gift for travel, commute, shift workers, insomniacs or anyone who wants to sleep day, night or in-flight! Order your Fay Furry Sleep Mask now!


    Materials: Plush Vegan Faux Fur, Silk Lining, Elastic
    Size: 8” x 3.75” / 20.5cm x 9.5cm

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