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    Oslo Home Humidifier

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    Cold weather and air-conditioning can dry your eyes, nose and throat, making breathing uncomfortable. The lovely Oslo Home Humidifier rehydrates the air in the room with water and optionally even essential aromatic oils, giving you relief and helping you to feel better.

    Oslo home humidifier

    The large 300ml capacity reservoir of the Oslo Home Humidifier ensures that you breathe and rest easy all day, or all night. Whether in your Nordic bedroom, workspace or play area, at less than 36dB you can rest comfortably in your humidified house with less refill stoppages or noisy spritzing.

    Oslo home humidifier

    Everything Oslo is Nordic funky and function. The sleek cylindrical design and Christmas antlers are decorative by day and cast a romantic, arctic light by night. Choose from 7 different LED colors for your very own Aurora Borealis experience.

    Oslo home humidifier

    Who wants dry skin? You don't need to lotion every minute when you keep the air (and your skin) properly moisturized with the Oslo Home Humidifier. Get as much as 10m² of coverage for up to 12 hours from this large capacity, USB rechargeable ambient air essential.

    Oslo home humidifier

    The Oslo Home Humidifier doesn't use heat! Ultrasonic vibrations release moisture molecules keeping both the mist and the humidifier cool and safe to touch. It also has an automatic/4-hour shutoff so it never runs without water, and you never have to worry about forgetting it on.   

    Oslo home humidifier

    Coverage: up to 10m²
    Nano mist output: 30 ml/h
    Discharge: continuous or intermittent mist settings
    Light: LED (7 adjustable colors)
    Battery: 5V USB rechargeable
    Size: 143*88*88 mm
    Capacity: 300ml (lasting up to 12h)

    Oslo home humidifier

    For first time use, soak the cotton filter in water for about 3-5 minutes.
    Remove the cover and add the appropriate amount of tap or mineral water.
    Optionally add several drops of aromatic essential oil, insert the filter and tube.

    Oslo home humidifier

    Cover, connect via USB cable and press the button to power on.

    Oslo home humidifier 

    Recommended Cleaning after each use.

    Do not
     wash under water: simply empty the tank and wipe it dry. 

    Do not use distilled water or overfill.



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