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    Blogger Booty Bands

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    Tensile resistance improves home workouts! Which exercise burns the most calories? The ones working the leg muscles, so add Blogger Booty Bands to your warm-up & workout now! Forget clumsy leg weights & ankle straps! Do yoga, squat, lunge & exercise for hip flexors, what are you waiting for?

    Blogger booty bands model in all pink exercise outfit on black mat performing side hip raise aka fire hydrants (resistance exercise for hips flexors) using the green light band.


    Blogger Booty Bands are made for durability because they work the most powerful muscles in the fitness world! With high quality cotton polyester, rubber & latex silk, push glutes & thighs, hips & hammies to the max without worrying about slips and snaps.

    Blogger booty bands om close up display to show off the quality fabric and stitching. Stitched label on pink band says "Medium" Hip Resistance Band.


    The lightweight fabric Booty bands easily roll & fold for storage after home workouts, or cardiac exercise at the gym or dance studio. Tuck the mesh bag into your Weekender or tote and do your exercise list in the hotel, apartment, bedroom or deck! Hand-wash as needed & hang them up easily.

    Blogger booty bands model in all pink gym clothes on her side facing camera doing a lateral leg lift. The bands assist in warm ups and cool downs for good flexibility and mobility during workouts


    Weight-work is hardest at the start and gets easier as the rep peaks (hence the annoying "squeeze at the top" instruction) because momentum can compromise the max effect of a rep. BBB tensile resistance ensures your muscles engage throughout the entire rep, and work even harder as the band stretches. More efficient work = better results faster.

    Booty Bands Schedule and Workout Parameters



    Thin latex bands can snap as they stretch or slip with sweat, even pinching and pressing into your skin. BBBs solve all these problems! Resistant with controlled stretch, there are 3 reinforced and padded internal contact strips for soft, non-slip comfort. The wider sweat-absorbing fabric is breathable and doesn't roll during your favorite booty-blasting exercise.

    Blogger booty bands model front down on mat doing a glute kickback with the green Light band. A good home exercise for back and leg workouts.


    Choose the right resistance & color for the exercise (and look) you're going for! Perfect for exercise warm ups; tone, build or simply demonstrate good workout form for your followers! The Blogger Booty Bands help you confidently go through the motions so you can focus on what really matters: head-turning feel-good results, anytime, anywhere.

    Blogger booty bands


    Material: Cotton Polyester, Rubber, Latex Silk
    Resistance: 60lbs, 90lbs, 150lbs
     Colors: Green, Pink, Purple
    Size: 76cm*8cm

    *Hand wash & air dry

    3 blogger booty bands purple pink mint green
    Blogger booty bands


    3 Bands (60lb, 90lb, 150lb resistance)
    1 Mesh Carrying Bag
    Instruction Pamphlet

    blogger booty bands packaging - pink purple mint green bands with carry bag and instructions

    Blogger booty bands


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