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    Belle Bow Bag

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    Go from outfit to OUTDO with oversized bow of the Belle Bow Bag!

    What does feminine mean if not confident, chic & cute? The girly design big beautiful bow of the Belle Bow Bag is a bold, classy declaration: You don’t just do outfits, you OUT DO. Sophisticated matte colors perfectly complement soft multi-layered space cotton fabric: this zippered bag is to be worn as much as carried on the shoulder, forearm or in hand. For an elegant figure or a girly image, out do with the Belle Bow Bag today!

    Beautiful oversized bow on display on the black Belle Bow Bag, being carried on the wrist

    Comfortable and versatile handle of the Belle Bow Bag shown. Black bag carried on the shoulder, wrist and in hand

    Sophisticated matte Belle Bow Bag colors on display: millenial pink image takes of half the image. Red Belle bow bag to the top right, white space cotton belle bow bag to bottom center, black bag to the bottom right.

    Screen settings and ambient light are different so allow for slight variations between images on screen and actual product. fabric

    Pink Belle Bow Bag showing dimensions: 30cm / 12" across by 30cm / 12" high

    Pattern: Plain
    Color: Pink, Red, White, Black
    Material: Space Cotton, Polyester Lining
    Style: Women's Clutch
    Bag Shape: Floppy/Fold
    Opening Method: Zipper
    Design Element: Oversized Bow
    Bag Size: 30 x 30 x 18cm / 12" x 12" x 7"
    Texture: Soft
    Strap: Soft Clutch Handle 


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