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    How to clean Faux Fur

    How to clean Faux Fur

    The Fay Furs are some fashionable faux!

    PinkGoldDesign has a few cleaning tips to help keep your Fay Furry Weekender at its finest and fluffiest.

    You've carried your pets on errands, gone on road trips, partied hard and gotten lots of compliments and approving looks. Who doesn't love pink fluffy fashion? But some of those looks are getting weird. Maybe it's time to clean your favorite carry-on.

    As durable as it is, your Fay needs some love to continue the cute. Pet smells and fur, dirt, dust, drink spills and suspicious subway stains, sweat, and even body lotions and glitter can gradually diminish the fur look and feel you first fell for.

    We want you to get the most from your Fay Furry so check out the following pointers to bring your bag back to beautiful!


    You may not need to wash your Fay immediately. Inspect it for discoloration or stains. If there aren't any, a firm shake to dislodge dust and dirt is a good start. Hang it somewhere it isn't in direct sunlight but can still catch some wind. A day or two of fresh air is good for fabric odors. There's a reason so many artificial scents are named after natural breezes. 

    Another good shake to refluff, and gently brushing with soft bristles or your fingers should restore your Fay Furry's fancy finish.


    A shoulder-bag like the Fay Furry Weekender is likely to bump into and rub all sorts of things as you go. Dirty car doors, a coffee spill during a sip, things happen when you're on the go. Some of the sullying and spillage is spot specific. You don't have to clean the entire thing if there's only a little area that's gotten dirty.


    Hot water and heat can melt plastic, and faux fur is made of acrylic, which will no longer be soft and fluffy if you expose it to heat. You will absolutely ruin your Fay if you wash it in hot water, put it in a dryer or blow-dry it.

    To spot clean, dip the affected area into cool water. When it's properly wet, rub the spots you want to clean together, maybe using your knuckles.

    Rinse in cool water, and squeeze all the excess out. Air dry by hanging (you can use a fan) then brush softly or finger-comb to restore fluff. 



    It may take a bit more than an airing out or a dab to clean your Fay Furry. Smoke and pet smells can be stubborn. Dirt deposits and spills set. Proper use means proper exposure, and your faux fur deserves good treatment for making you look this good.


    • Put your faux fur in a bucket, sink or tub of cool water.
    • Dunk and swirl it around to agitate the dirt loose from the fabric.
    • Soap is optional and we generally avoid it on faux. Only use a few drops of a light, natural soap if any at all. You don't want harsh chemicals distressing your fave fur, washing out dyes and stuff.
    • Hand wash any trouble spots where you see liquid or dirt discoloration. Give it a good cool water rinse to get any dirt or soap particles out.
    • Firmly but gently squeeze the fur to get as much water out as possible. Wringing puts tension on the fabric so we prefer to squeeze, just in case we have to wash regularly we don't want to increase wear and tear. Pockets and folds need a bit more pressure to get the water out. Remember the more water it retains, the longer it takes to dry.
    • Hang it up to air dry, ideally in a space with good circulation and breeze. Sun bleaches color so avoid direct sunlight if possible. Fur will take a day or two to dry completely, unless you get some good wind on it.
    • Just like airing out and spot cleaning, you want to brush your fur. You can brush it while wet to retain the original shape, and again when dry to re-fluff it. Finger-comb if you like! It feels good too.

    Following these steps will keep your Fay Furry looking new and turning heads, and always in a good way. Treat your faux right and you'll get great use from it, fur a much longer time too!

    Pink Vibes Only!

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