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    Sofstone™️ : Nano-Glass Hair Remover

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    I was skeptical to purchase this... it sounded too good to be true. I just received it, and I tried it on my legs. It works!! Just move around in a circular motion. It works on thick and fine hair. I would definitely recommend this!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Stefanie Martin 
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    Shaving, waxing & depilatory creams help get rid of unnecessary unwanted hair, leaving your skin feeling extremely smooth. While smooth skin is the reward, the experience of these hair removal techniques can be costly. Shaving on one hand, requires finesse & consistency but can lead to various side effects like razor bumps, cuts, ingrown hairs & irritated skin. While Laser Therapy, creams & waxing is costly, waxing requires significant expertise as well as pain tolerance. For some the pain of waxing is enough to put up with all the tedious parts of shaving. For others, the idea of shaving every day is just too much to maintain. These techniques come with inherent costs in time, money and comfort, and can simply make the experience difficult and frustrating.

    Hair removal just became super easy with the Sofstone™️. Using Nano-Crystal technology we've created a technique that makes hair removal easy, painless, mess free and cost efficient. By gliding the Sofstone™️ in circles over your hair, the Sofstone™️ gradually breaks down layers of the hair’s cuticle via a process called Micro Cuticle Abrasion. Once the cuticle has been broken down, the hairs disappear rapidly. There’s no plucking or cutting involved as each hair is worn down to a fine invisible tip near the surface of your skin, leaving you smooth & silky skin. Experience the future of hair removal with the Sofstone™️.


    ✅Quality Design // The Sofstone™️ shell is made of high quality ABS Glass with an arched design, giving you a smooth surface that is perfectly suited for handheld performance. The Sofstone™️ ABS shell is filled with a toughened nano glass, forming the Sofstone’s inner surface: which is a nano glass surface, etched with microscopic bumps and ridges, perfectly designed for micro-cuticle abrasion.

    ✅Pain Free // The Sofstone™️ ️causes hair to clump and break away through cuticle abrasion, when rubbed gently on your skin. Application of the Sofstone’s nano glass technology on your skin is completely pain free. The nano glass surface of the Sofstone™️ allows the hair to be removed with almost zero pressure, thereby preventing your skin from being irritated, giving you smooth skin. 

    ✅Reduces the appearance of hair regrowth //  When shaving, the hair is cut at a blunt angle making the hairs look thicker as you can see the cross section of the hair on your skin. With the Sofstone™️ the cuticle’s layers are worn off, essentially tapering the hair by minimizing the size of your hair’s cross section. This reduces the appearance of hair regrowth, giving you not only smooth skin, but smooth looking skin.

    ✅Prevents ingrown hairs // With the Sofstone™️, each hair is worn down to a fine yet invisible tip that remains extremely close to the skin’s surface. As there is no plucking or cutting of the hair, this procedure greatly minimizes the risk of ingrown hair

    ✅Easy to use // The SofstoneTM ensures the skin will become smoother with its nano glass technology. All you have to do is lightly glide it over your skin in a circular motion after you’ve showered. This process rarely takes longer than 5 minutes!

    ✅Wide Application // The Sofstone™️ can be safely used on most parts of the body, such as legs, arms, back & chest as it gently removes excess hair and makes your skin softer and smoother. However, we suggest not to overuse or rub too hard. If you have sensitive skin, please apply on your arms/legs first before using it on other sensitive areas.

    ✅Environmentally friendly & Reusable // Sofstone™️ products are made of all natural materials with no chemicals included. It can be reused without replenishment or charging as it is effective in hair removal for up to 3 years. It will save you money from less salon visits, while you continue to enjoy your smooth skin without the pain from shaving or waxing. 

    ✅Lightweight, Portable // Mini sized & lightweight, you can take it anywhere any time as it’s easy to carry wherever you go. It's also perfect for travel as it fits in any bag, purse or luggage peice.



    We recommend using on dry or damp skin after a shower as the pores are opened and the hair follicles are more exposed.

    Using moderate to light pressure, simply rub the Sofstone™️ on the desired area in a circular motion.

    The ideal application is considered to be when enough pressure is applied so that the hairs move while the skin stays still.

    DO NOT apply cream or lotion before use as this will reduce the effectiveness.

    After use, rinse the Crystal Remover with water.

    Rinse the skin area with water, dry and apply some lotion or cream.


    If you have sensitive skin, try your arms/legs before trying other sensitive areas.

    We understand the stress, pain and costs involved with hair removal. We’ve been through the time consuming repetition of tedious shaving, which may leave you with scars, cuts, ingrown hairs and irritated skin. We also resonate with the pain of waxing and the finances, time and energy that it requires. A recent study showed that women over their lifetime will invest $10, 207 in shaving, $10,555 in depilatory Creams & 23,000 in waxing.

    The Sofstone™️ provides a simpler, less painful & less costly route. You deserve to look your best without having to deal with painful waxing, expensive treatments or messy creams. Now you can have smooth skin anywhere you want without the the typical costs. Save money on salon appointments with the Sofstone™️ while you enjoy the  painless procedure of having smooth silky skin. The Sofstone™️ is an effective and safe way to remove unwanted hair from your body, leaving you feeling confident in any situation. The Sofstone™️ is also travel friendly: great on the go as it’s lightweight, petite and portable. Get yourself the Sofstone™️ today: and make the costs of Shaving, waxing and depilatory creams a thing of the past. 


    Material: ABS Shell / Nano Glass 
    Color: Gold,Blue,Hot Pink,Black
    Size: 10.5 x 6 x 3.5cm

    Note: There might be 2-3cm
    errors of dimension data due to pure manual measurement. There might be slightly
    color difference due to different light and monitor effects.
    Package Includes:
    1 x Hair Removal


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    Sofstone™️ : Nano-Glass Hair Remover

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