Honolulu Lace Dress

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HONOLULU HUGGABLE // Honolulu means sheltered bay, and you'll want to cover your little ones with hugs in this lovely Honolulu Lace! The cotton blend fabric feels soft and comfortable, giving you more reason to snuggle and hug!

FAMILY FASHION // Combine adult and junior sizes for any of the various ways we express family. Need a mother-daughter gift set? This is a great choice for ceremonies and celebrations alike, and perfect fit for a daytime duo! The Honolulu Lace Dresses will be the gift that gets the others jealous!

PICTURE PERFECT PAIR // She'll look like a princess and you'll feel like a queen! The Honolulu Lace looks delicate but is durable, made of synthetic cotton blends, so it lasts enough events and washes to get you all the pics you need, every time you wear them!


6-12M ~ 27cm (Chest), 45cm (Length)
1-2Y ~ 28cm (Chest), 48cm (Length)
2-3Y29cm (Chest), 51cm (Length)
3-4Y ~ 30cm (Chest), 54cm (Length)
5-6Y ~ 31cm (Chest), 57cm (Length)

~ 43cm (Chest), 77cm (Length)
M ~ 45cm (Chest), 80cm (Length)
L ~ 47cm (Chest), 83cm (Length)
XL ~ 49cm (Chest), 86cm (Length)