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About pink gold design


Have you ever had a passion so deep that you couldn’t help but do something about it? Something that was deep in your veins and inspired every beat of your heart?

We have, and that’s why Pink Gold Design exists today. We believe it’s our job to spread more happiness, joy, and inspiration through the color that we absolutely love. That passion to bring our vision to life is at the core of everything we do. And it all started with a single Instagram account.

Isabella has always loved everything pink and rose-gold: it’s been her addiction for years. Pink flamingos are her favorite animals and the pure sight of glittery rose-gold just makes her leap.

Her passion and eye for these colors led to the desire to share and connect with other pinkies. Through her initial pinked out posts on Instagram, she realized that other girls were not only addicted to everything pink as well, but absolutely loved the gems she’d post. Her passion grew. Eventually, her followers began inquiring: where could the pink items like hers be found.

From that very first ‘like’ on Instagram, beautiful, lovely and inspiring pink content has connected girls like you who became fans and followers. Today, our small team passionately spends endless hours each week to share the most adorable pink content. We want to help in making your world a little pinker every day and so with the idea of having a one-stop Pink Shop, was born.


It’s amazing how pink unites the passionate power of red hues, with the purity and clarity of white tones. Pink is the proof that you can be both: intensely strong and tenderly soft. Pink constantly redefines itself, from polite pastels and gentle blush, to sparkling rose-gold and hot magentas.

Like the color pink, us girls have many different facets, too. In the office, we’re the tough boss ladies whereas at home we are caring moms that remained little princesses at heart. Life is a range of experiences and expressions and you can love anything: your family, your partner, your job, your business, your home, your pets, yourself... all while shining brighter than ever.

Women are breaking walls and ceilings like never before, and we think your passion shouldn't suffer because you have ambitions, family, responsibility or dreams. Together, we want to prove that loving pink doesn’t mean you can’t be a boss woman. Empowered females are still allowed to have a soft pink side and we’re here to support you.

You deserve to enjoy living. You deserve to share your passion and show it off: from your wrist to your washroom, from breakfast to bedtime. You deserve the products that make you happy.

Pink Gold Design helps you express yourself with hand-picked and beautifully curated pieces celebrating life in Pink, Gold and everything in between. Whether glittery, pastel or metallic, we always keep it feminine and fantastic.

From lovely home goods & girly office supplies, to unique apparel, beauty and electronics, you can find all the gorgeous pink, gold and rose-gold goodies that put that happy smile upon your face. Make your home a better, pinker place to be, or give a friend a gift they won’t forget.

Pink is a personality. You decide what that looks like.


We partner with international manufacturers to source, secure and serve you every girl’s dream: a world of pink products designed to create and celebrate memories. We passionately work to find only the most beautiful designs to make your heart beat a little faster - just like ours when we discover them.

We’re always on the scout globally and we’re more than happy to fulfill even the most unique personal wishes. If you reach out with a question or request for anything pink or girly, we strive to find that perfect match for you. We simply want to make you feel at home and give you a very warm-hearted welcome into our pink family.

Pink Gold Design is all about making pink products affordable for everyone. When you shop with us, we ensure super friendly customer service alongside free international shipping for the majority of our pink products (isn’t that amazing?). You have a question, need advice or want to know where your shipment is? We will be there for you when you need us. We’ve always got your back!

So what are you waiting for? Inspire yourself. Explore the world. And find those products that make you want to experience life in a whole new way right here at Pink Gold Design.

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